Blossom Edugroup’s 2012 Staff Workshop

Yuan Ping

Many heads are better than one!

The delivery of high quality service is necessary for developing and nurturing trust. A high quality child care centre provides all children with excellent learning opportunities to optimize their physical, cognitive, cultural, social and emotional development; development also suffers when children experience poor quality care.

Therefore, the objective of Blossom Edugroup’s first staff workshop of 2012 was to bring up the service standard in Blossom. The active participation and contributions made by our dedicated staff was a thorough success. The staff thronged through various service related scenarios of a childcare centre and came up ideas and feedback to provide a better understanding for the need for within Blossom Edugroup’s centres.

Together with group facilitators, each group actively engaged themselves in service quality and service recoveries scenarios. For example, as a group discussed on disciplining methods, they drew experiences from the daily happenings in the schools and classrooms, analyse them and came up with more positive methods of disciplinary actions.

Yuan Ping

"Let's discuss some service standards we can all improve on!"

After each group’s discussion, all the groups gathered to present their areas of expertise. As each group presented their topics and questions were answered,  everyone went home with a clearer picture of quality service and how to deliver quality service at our centres.

The rich information that were generated during the workshop have given us the basis to further fine tune the quality service standards at Blossom. Blossom believes that high quality child care programmess support families to balance work and family commitments while we provide a developmentally appropriate learning environment for children.