Blossom’s Year End Staff Workshop

Identifying the qualities of good and bad rubrics

Identifying good and bad rubrics

The main focus of Blossom’s second staff workshop of the year was to review the assessment rubrics being used in the children’s progress reports found in our e-profiling. The preparatory work began a couple of months prior to the workshop with the training for subject coordinators and the review of the entire set of rubrics for each subject for all the levels from Playgroup  to Kindergarten 2. On the day of the workshop, following a brief training, detailed discussions were held with the teachers from the different centres teaching each of the subjects, during which necessary amendments to the rubrics were decided. These changes will be incorporated into the assessment rubrics for the next year.

At Blossom, we constantly review and update our curriculum. The second half of the staff workshop was set aside for reviewing the curriculum in 2011.  The teachers are given two curriculum review forms for the subjects under their purview, one in the first half of the year before the subject meetings and the other during the second half of the year before the staff workshop. The teachers will reflect on what they have taught and highlight any problems or issues with the syllabus and suggest possible solutions or amendments to be made to the curriculum.

Identifying the qualities of good and bad rubrics

Our Chinese teachers putting their heads together to improve on Blossom's Chinese rubrics.

Subject meetings are also held to gather all of the teachers’ feedback.  During the workshop, the teachers and the subject co-ordinators reviewed the curriculum for the whole year, while incorporating the amendments suggested in the two curriculum review forms as well as the subject meetings. With this, the curriculum for the following new year is finalised.