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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body – Staff Workshop

Sumptous Meal

What better way to recharge our tired bodies than fill our hungry stomachs with food, LOTS OF IT! One big smile for the camera please, before we dig in!

This year, with a healthy lifestyle in mind, a yoga session was organised for the staff at True Fitness. Everyone, including the aunties came all prepared in their fitness gears, ready for a thorough mind and body workout.

It was a breeze for some staff who have practised yoga and for the rest of us, our bodies certainly felt the “aftermath” the next day! After the gruelling session of contorting our bodies into all sorts of poses, a sumptuous spread of lunch awaited us!

The day ended with a sharing session of Blossom’s philosophy and reflection of our first exercise experience together. What an “exerciseful” day!

Workshop JPEG