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Blossom Edu Group

Blossom Blissparkle Centre @ Clementi

BBCA new childcare centre under Blossom brand will begin operating in Clementi in December 2017. Blossom Blissparkle Centre Pte Ltd is located at 60 Faber Terrace in the vicinity of Clementi, Jurong East and West Coast. Registration for 2018 enrollment is now open.

The Centre Manager, Ms Mari Sato is a Japanese who was exposed to different cultures at her schooling age. She attended Japanese School, International School and local school where she acquired her nursing certificate on top of her other achievements.

Being a mother of 3 preschoolers, Mari experiences the challenges that parents face and understands that the child’s well-being and happiness is the top priority for every parents. Blossom ‘Blissparkle’ was named with her partner Jane Wong, to adopt a blissful developing environment where children get the opportunity to learn and recognise the many aspects and possibilities to bloom in future.

Together with parents, we strive to nurture our children with bliss in their journey to sparkle in life.