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Oishii Sushi

Posted on 12 July 2010 | Activities, Blossom Creative, Centre News

Mrs Howells introducing the sushi mat and its function in sushi-making.


Let's all fan the rice to cool it down for rolling!


The Playgroup had a go at cooling down the rice before rolling them with seaweed on the bamboo mats.

At Blossom Creative Centre, the month of June  was dedicated to Food, food and MORE food! Teachers took children through a mouth watering journey of exploring goodies of all sorts and converted the kitchen into a temporary classroom! Together with the teachers, our little chefs,  whipped up a feast, ranging from decadent desserts to healthy food like salad and sushi!

Yes, you read it right! We made Sushi! And all this was made possible, thanks to Mrs Yoshiko Howells, mummy of Erika Howells from the Playgroup class! Mrs Howells demonstrated the art of sushi making with much  patience and enthusiasm and ensured that all children got a chance to try their hand at rolling the rice and seaweed.

All the children enjoyed arranging the filling and rolling the sticky rice on seaweed sheets, using the little bamboo mats! It was especially satisfying to watch their own neat and tightly rolled seaweed creations emerging before their eyes!
It was indeed a memorable experience for the children and teachers alike. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Howells for taking the time to be involved in our June Holiday Programme and for her effort in playing a significant role in our children’s hands-on learning.
"My mummy's sushi is yummy!" says Erika

"My mummy's sushi is yummy!" says Erika