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Testimonial – Mother of Faith Fong

Posted on 23 January 2009 | Blossom Creative, Centre News, Testimonials

From Our CustomersMorning Linn

Happy New Year to you and all the staff at Blossom. Thank you for the lovely card and the cute little gift from Megan. The moment Faith opened the envelope and saw the gift she was so thrilled that she immediately told me that she misses Blossom and wants to go back to visit. She misses all the teachers and her friends. This morning again, she reminded me that I have to take her back to Blossom for a visit. We will visit one day soon. It’s just so difficult to fit in a time as the school hours are different from yours.

Faith is enjoying school and in fact looks forward to going to school everyday. She has been blessed with a kind, motherly and very experienced Form Teacher whom she is very fond of. It is very encouraging to know that when I check with her about her daily work, just to make sure that she is on track, she tells me that she understands what she has been taught as she has already learnt it at Blossom!! Recently, she was tested on her reading. The teacher has to put them in groups of readers and those who are unable to read (these girls will need help). Faith did not have a problem as she was able to read the Fitzroy Readers!!

So I’d like to say ‘Thank You” to you and all the teachers at Blossom who have been instrumental to Faith’s development these last 4 years, not only in the department of education but also in the little things like life skills, PE, moral development and even in the art and craft department. Never have I seen such lovely art pieces being taught to pre-schoolers. Must not forget the wonderful meals prepared so painstakingly and lovingly by Aunty Nafisah. I must also add that every excursion that is planned for the children is a learning journey for them. Faith has always come back with knowledge of many new things she had learnt on these trips. I thoroughly enjoyed 2008’s Graduation Concert as much as the children enjoyed staging it for us. Thank you to all the staff for taking the time and patience to teach the children the various dances and songs so that the concert could be an enjoyable one for all parents. And oh! Yes, I must not forget the camp that Faith and her classmates were so blessed to have experienced. It was a fantastic idea and she is still talking about it.

My family and I wish all the staff at Blossom a wonderful and eventful 2009.

God bless
Mother of Faith Fong (2008 K2)
Jan 2009