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Testimonial – Mother of Alexandre and Enzo Pelloie

Posted on 23 May 2009 | Blossom Creative, Centre News, Testimonials

From Our Customers

Hi Lawrence

I just want to say THANK YOU for your wonderful teachers.

I especially want to highlight the dedication of Linn, Lili, Geeta, Wang, Maya and Jet. These wonderful teachers have taught Alex and Enzo well! The boys have shown marked improvement since going to BCC (Blossom Creative Centre), and have told me they had enjoyed going to school. The regular excursions are wonderful highlights to the boys’ school days. Again, thank you to the teachers for making efforts to plan and organize such trips. I know it is not an easy task to bring that many kids out, watch over their safety, making sure they are learning and enjoying themselves; all at the same time!

Oliver and myself often marveled at the patience of your teachers. Each time we step into Blossom, we see happy kids, hear laughter and children chatting away. It feels like a home away from home for the children. Cozy, safe and kind. This is without doubt, the work of teachers who are dedicated, genuinely love and care for children.

I have recommended everyone I know to Blossom, regardless where they live! Simply because I believe in the work of your staff. I have known Blossom since 6 years ago and there has never been a time of doubt of disappointment.

Please convey my sincere thanks to every teacher in school.
Thank you for your dedication and patience.
Thank you for being genuine towards to children.
Thank you for providing a safe haven for the children to learn.
Thank you for making constant positive efforts.
Thank you.

Mother of Alexandre Pelloie (2010 K2) and Enzo Pelloie (2010 K1)
May 2009