Occupations: Blossom Discovery’s Cook and Cleaner Play Special Roles

Posted on 29 September 2011 | Activities, Blossom Discovery, Centre News
Aunty Goh (left) and Aunty Helen (right) demonstrates how to beat an egg to the children.

Aunty Goh (left) demonstrates how to crack and beat an egg.

Aunty Goh expertly cooks an egg as the children 'oohed' and 'aahed' in amazement.

Aunty Goh shows the children how to cook the perfect scrambled egg!

Term 3 has ended and the school holidays are here again! In September, Blossom Discovery Center to the holiday theme ‘Occupations’. First up, we were introduced to the occupations found in our very own school eg: teacher, cleaner and cook

To be introduced to the jobscope of our school’s cook and cleaner, the children had the opportunity to watch the aunties go about their daily routines (ie. preparing meals for the day, and cleaning the school.)  For a cooking demo, the children from Playgroup, Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 witnessed the aunties in action as they demonstrated the art of frying a perfect scrambled egg,  followed by a step-by-step demonstration of cooking a wok full of mouth-watering fried rice!

Aunty Helen demonstrates how to wipe the table clean and free from germs using a washcloth.
Aunty Helen demonstrates the proper way of cleaning a table before getting the Kindergarten children to take turns trying out various cleaning activities.

For the older children, they were introduced to a cleaner’s jobscope! For this,  Aunty Helen was roped in on the action as we got her to explain to the children the importance of being responsible and learning to play a part in keeping the school clean. Aunty Helen demonstrated various cleaning tasks as she explained the importance of maintaing a clean and hygienic environment for us all! Preschoolers will learn responsible habits more easily if they are given a set routine early on and understand that chores a part of everyday life. You’ll be amazed by how much pride and self-reliance preschoolers gain from undertaking simple daily chores.

A BIG THANK YOU to Aunty Helen and Aunty Goh as they took time out to introduce their daily responsibilities. The children had the golden opportunity to learn to  appreciate all the hard work and efforts the aunties put in on a daily basis to ensure the smooth running of our school. Great job, Aunties! You’ve been excellent teachers for the day and role-models for our children!