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Testimonial – Mother of Rexton

Posted on 24 July 2014 | Blossom Aspiration, Centre News, Testimonials

Dear BAC staff,

Symbol - Thumbs UpThis letter is to express my appreciation towards all staff in BAC for the guidance and patience towards Rexton Ong, who joined the PG in BAC from 1 Aug 2013.

I am thankful to Winnie for keeping me posted of Rexton’s status via SMSes during the initial days when he first joined BAC.  Winnie would suggest different approaches and work closely with me to help adjust my 2 years-old into the new environment.  Such thoughtful acts indeed gave parents a peace of mind as we know he is in good hands.

When Rexton first joined, he was not able to chew his food before swallowing, has to drink milk from cup & spoon before he entered BAC and could not follow adult’s instructions.  Now, he could consume the meals provided by the center, follow simple instructions and express himself more confidently.  Rexton will sing the songs he learns in the center at home, and everyone in the family enjoys his singing very much.

Thanks again to all the PG & N1 teachers for helping my son to overcome the challenges and becoming more independent.  I am pleased to embark on this partnership with BAC.  Looking forward to a positive & rewarding pre-school experience for Rexton and all of us!

My congratulations to Blossom Edugroup’s management for having these wonderful staff at BAC!

With regards,

Jean Ong
Mother of Rexton Ong
6 Jun 2014