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Testimonial – Mother of Gisele

Posted on 24 October 2012 | Blossom Aspiration, Centre News, Testimonials

Dear Sir/Madam,

Symbol - Thumbs UpI would like to give compliments to Blossom Aspiration Centre (Bartley branch).  While my 19 months old girl, Gisele has not yet adapted to school during the first few days, I could see the playgroup teachers’ obvious efforts in helping her to a smoother transition.

Winnie (Centre Manager) will send few phone messages throughout the day updating me her progress if she is crying frequently or happy, sleeping well or not and how much she ate for lunch.  I find this gesture extremely helpful for me as a first time mum.  Teachers Xu Na and Hannah have also shared with me their experiences on how they manage the other toddlers to get used to the school environment during those initial periods. Again this give me sense of relieve.

I would like to personally thank Teacher Bai Feng here. My girl seems to like her alot.  First few mornings she has been screaming and crying when  I handed her over to Bai Feng, but now she actually leaned over to Bai Feng voluntarily to be carried.  I guess it is because Bai Feng would always greet us with a happy smile and sing to her.  Today (12 Oct 2012 – less than 2 weeks), although she is still looking a little sad, she managed to wave goodbye and flying kiss to me.  I am so happy because I’ve been expecting to endure her crying for 1-2 months but did not.

Another observation, the kitchen staff will also come out from kitchen to help out with the teachers during the kids’ meal time.  It seems to me that staff from different departments have great teamwork too.

I’ve been a full time mum (24/7) to my girl for past 19 months, hence its not easy for me to let go of her in school.  Seeing her cry gave me separation anxiety too.  Many thanks to the teachers for putting in efforts and hard work making it easier for both my daughter and me!  I really appreciate it very much.

Winnie and her team deserve to be rewarded and recognised!


Anna Tan
Mother of Gisele Toh (PG)
11 Oct 2012