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We Are Proud Recipients Of Healthy Eating Award 2010!

Posted on 1 May 2010 | Centre News, Milestones, News

Healthy Eating in Child Care Centres 2010Pre-schoolers are ready and eager learners and this allows child care centres the opportunity to cultivate healthy eating habits.

In addition, research shows that children form food preferences mostly during their pre-school years, and the eating habits and preferences acquired during this time remain with them later on in life.

Good eating habits cultivated during childhood are also more likely to be carried over into adulthood. For example, studies have found that when pre-school children observed other children eating vegetables that they themselves did not like, their preferences and their intake of vegetables subsequently increased.

At Blossom, we acknowledge that young children who attend child care centres spend a major part of their day at the centres while their parents are at work and recognise that childcare centres play an important role in shaping children’s food habits.

Hence, since 2008, Blossom has been actively involved in the Healthy Eating in Child Care Centres Programme initiated by the Health Promotion Board (HPB).

At the end of 2009, with the aims of cultivating good eating habits and providing nutritional food for our growing children, we undertook an exercise to create, trial and finally launch the Blossom Healthier Choice Menu.

In addition to incorporating dietary guidelines, Blossom also includes nutrition education for children in the curriculum, as well as displaying nutrition information within the premises of our child care centres.

We worked hard in creating and recreating our new menu, making sure nutrition, taste, variety etc were not left out. Our efforts paid off as our dedication in providing healthy eating in our centres were recognised.

We successfully attained the standard and guidelines set by HPB and are now proud recipients of the Healthy Eating Award 2010.

Not only are we absolutely thrilled to have received the award, the greatest achievement for us, is the satisfaction we get from our children’s positive response and enthusiastic appetites to the newly created dishes!