The scope of coverage of our comprehensive curriculum are grouped under these 4 domains of development: Character, Core, Supporting and Enrichment.

Under the Character domain, formal and informal experiences are curated to help our children develop socially, emotionally and morally including the inculcation of positive learning dispositions.

The acquisition of language competency in English and Chinese, together with numeracy concepts, is the Core domain of our curriculum, ensuring our children are equipped with the necessary linguistic and numeracy skills for knowledge acquisition in all domains of development.

Our Supporting domain which includes Thematic Learning (general knowledge), Creative Expression (art & craft and music & movement), Life Skills (water play, sand play, cookery lessons & self help skills) and Physical Education (gross motor development), exposes our children to a broad-based curriculum and prepares them to navigate in a complex world with a multitude of knowledge and skills.

As the name suggests, the Enrichment domain enhances the learning experience of all our children providing them with additional musical, language and technological exposure through these specially curated enrichment programme: Kindermusik, Language Appreciation Course, Chinese Performing Arts and Computer Literacy.