Blossom Franchise

The importance of Early Childhood Education is increasingly gaining prominence and being recognised by various governmental policies and valued by society at large. The formative years from 0 to 6 are the most significant years in which character; values and foundation upon future academic success are built. Blossom Edugroup is dedicated and passionate about developing each child to become independent, creative, compassionate, self-disciplined and a life-long learner.

Our proven and successful business model is now available for franchise. Much more than a business opportunity, this is a chance to positively influence the lives and futures of young children.

Blossom Edugroup has been providing quality childcare in Singapore since 2002. By constantly upgrading our curriculum, we offer the most innovative and effective pre-school programme that caters to children with varying learning abilities and different learning styles. Our fully day, half day and flexi-programmes are offered to children at:

  • Playgroup Level (18 months – 2 years old)
  • Nursery Level (3-4 years old)
  • Kindergarten Level (5-6 years old)

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Blossom is a one-stop solution to imparting a successful educational childcare and pre-school concept. By taking up the Blossom Franchise, you enlist the support of an experienced team that will ensure your success in franchising because our foremost aim is to help you succeed. Our success lies in our ability to constantly innovative and provide our customers with a positive experience that is unique to Blossom.

We ensure that you are offered the optimum level of Franchise Support:

Pre-opening support

  • Site Selection
  • Operational Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Accounting/Audit/Legal Advise
  • Training of Franchisee, Supervisor, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

On-going support

  • Regular visitation by field support staff
  • Franchise Representative assigned to Franchisee
  • On-going R&D on new methods and techniques
  • Overall Program Oversight

We encourage the Franchisee to honestly assess their fit for the business and consider a few fundamentals as well as the personal qualities needed to run the business successfully. To ensure that this is the best Franchise opportunity for them, the Blossom franchisee must:

  • Enjoy the company of young children – Does the franchisee understand young children and have the interest and patience to work with children?
  • Have a passion and desire to promote an education business – The Franchisee must sincerely believe in the Blossom Edugroup products, services and our philosophy.
  • Share Blossom Edugroup’s Values, Goals and Strategies – It is essential that the franchisee fully understands and agrees with our Values, Goals and Strategies. The Franchisee-Franchisor relationship can only develop smoothly through a mutual understanding of these values.
  • Be a “people’s person” – It is of great importance that the franchisee feels at ease with people and will enjoy interacting with parents, children and staff of all stripes. Additionally, you will need to be a confident and able team leader.
  • Be customer service oriented – It is crucial to be attentive to parents’ needs and listen to their needs and feedback. The lifeblood of the Blossom Edugroup business is the customers, the children, parents and guardians.
  • Possess high morals and integrity – As an educator you must be able to demonstrate qualities of excellence, honesty and integrity.

If the franchisee possesses the qualities described and wishes to invest, there are some minimum requirements that must be met in order to proceed with the franchise process.

  • Understanding of the franchising concept – The franchisee must understand and acknowledge the roles of both Franchisor and Franchisee and the pros and cons of franchising.
  • Shareholder stake – The centre manager must have at least 10% shareholder stake in the franchise centre.
  • Must not own a franchise similar to Blossom Edugroup – To avoid conflict of interest, the Franchisee should not be a franchisee of concept similar to Blossom Edugroup.
  • Desirable Academic Standing – It is necessary to possess at least a tertiary qualification, preferably in the area of education or arts and social sciences.

Having read the above, if you

  • share the Blossom’s philosophy towards early childhood care and education,
  • has confidence in what the brand stands for,
  • believe that the franchise business model suits you and your plans, and
  • fulfil the basic requirements stated above,

Then the Blossom Franchise is really what you should explore further.

Drop us an email at or fill up the online Franchise Enquiry Form.

We will be most delighted to journey with you in building your successful childcare or pre-school franchise business.