Our Kindergarten Programme

Blossom’s Kindergarten Programme features a holistic curriculum that prepares children aged 5 to
6 years for primary school education

Our Kindergarten Curriculum

  • English Language & Literacy

    English Language & Literacy is a core module of our Kindergarten Programme which builds your child’s competency in English by introducing the rudiments of phonics, reading and writing. Through a series of immersive, contextual, and experiential learning activities, we nurture our young learners to become confident speakers and fluent readers.

    We will help your child:
    • Communicate with confidence
    • Acquire phonetic awareness
    • Master essential reading skills
    • Build an extensive vocabulary
    • Recognise sentence construction & structure
    • Understand writing conventions
  • Chinese Language & Literacy

    The Chinese Language & Literacy module aims to develop a child’s Chinese language proficiency from a young age. One of the key focus of this level is to help our young learners visualise and gain mastery of Hanyu Pinyin. Through intensive oral practices and interactive writing activities, we accelerate a child’s Chinese character recognition and sensitivity to Mandarin tonal variations.

    We will help your child:
    • Develop linguistic fluency in Mandarin
    • Improve Mandarin diction & articulation
    • Distinguish Mandarin vowel and consonant sounds
    • Recognise the 4 Mandarin tonal variations
    • Acquire Mandarin character recognition skills
    • Improve Chinese language writing proficiency
  • Numeracy & Mathematics

    Our Kindergarten programme helps to build a solid foundation in Mathematics by consolidating children’s conceptual understanding about numbers, space, measurement, and data. With a strong focus on practical manipulatives and pictorial aids, your child will gain mastery of Mathematical concepts through games and hands-on exploration and develop critical thinking skills.

    We will help your child:
    • Develop rational counting
    • Recognise simple relationships and patterns
    • Use numbers and spatial concepts in daily life
    • Solve addition and subtraction problems
    • Develop estimation skills
    • Use informal units for measurement
    • Compare and interpret data
    • Develop critical thinking skills

Why Us?

Our Focus

Our kindergarten programme develops in our children the necessary attitude and aptitude for formal education and to become a life-long learner. It provides varied opportunities for our children to attain cognitive competence, acquire social expertise and develop strong moral values.

Our Uniqueness

Our triple track syllabus ensures children of different learning abilities are catered for, allowing them to develop their cognitive competence at a pace suitable for each child. The delicate balance in achieving language and numeracy competence for primary education and the love for learning is managed through varied learning activities designed to suit the different learning styles of children.

English Fitzroy Readers and Chinese Parachute Readers are introduced with clearly stated levels of reading achievements for children of different literacy abilities. Enrichment programmes such as Computer Literacy Course, Language Appreciation Course and Chinese Performing Arts are offered as part of the standard curriculum to extend the areas of interest and enrich the learning experiences of children.