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Having Fun with Information Technology

Posted on 21 October 2014 | Sharing, Subject

Blossom has been working closely with Cyberland International Pte Ltd to provide our Kindergarten children with an innovative, age appropriate computer literacy course. It has been designed to deliver a series of IT educational programmes which are internet based and project-focused. They are fun, exciting and built around the interests and needs of young children.


These games are so fun!

The computer literacy course exposes the children to:

  • Computer operations
  • Word processing skills
  • Hardware and software application
  • File management
  • Keyboard skills
  • Internet browsing
  • Email
  • Drawing tools
  • Graphic skills

Working independently.

The program is conducted once a week for one hour each during the school term time. At the beginning of each class, the children are introduced to the skills that they are learning for the week after a recap of what was learnt the previous week.

Let's find some good images for Deepavali!

Let's find some good images for our Deepavali project!

The children are given opportunities to work on the computer station with their peers and also to work individually on assignments/projects for the week. In addition to the assignments/projects, they are also given time to explore further and learn through educational games and activities. The programme ensures that the children are well equipped with the necessary computer skills to support their learning during primary school.

Through the computer experiences, children learn how to search for information and use the knowledge from different sources to have a better understanding. In the process, they learn to interact with others, to solve problems and to cooperate to reach a common goal.