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Thematic Learning and Creative Expression

Posted on 3 July 2013 | Sharing, Subject

Blossom’s Thematic Learning and Creative Expression subjects are based on four different themes spread across the four terms in a year. The themes for the four terms are ‘All About Me’, ‘Environmental Awareness’, ‘The Animal Kingdom’ and ‘Around the World’ respectively. A variety of sub-themes related to the main theme are introduced in each term. In addition to these themes, these subjects also cover the significant events throughout the year, e.g. Chinese New Year, Earth Day, Mother’s Day etc.

Reading session

Information gathering using library books

Thematic Learning exposes children to general knowledge and happenings around the world. It involves searching for information, reading up and learning more about the world around us. Every term, books related to the themes and sub-themes are borrowed by the schools from the National Library. Children acquire wider knowledge by reading these books and through reading sessions with the teachers. Children also gather information at home and eagerly share the information with their friends at school.

A video on Dengue

Must remember the 10-minute mozzie wipe-out!

Current affairs topics are also introduced during the Thematic Learning periods. Every term, the teachers and children spend about two hours discussing current affairs, such as the Formula 1 night race, haze etc. These topics are introduced through newspaper articles, magazines, internet, TV News etc.

Having fun playing the musical instruments!

Playing the musical instruments is so much fun!

Creative Expression involves music & movement and art & craft activities and provides opportunities for the children to express themselves creatively. Children are introduced to the elements of art and are also involved in a variety of art and craft activities. During music and movement activities, children explore by listening to songs and music and use the musical instruments in different ways. For Playgroup to Nursery 2 classes, Kindermusik’s “ABC Music and Me” is incorporated into the Creative Expression curriculum.