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Childcare And Preschool Education"

Who We Are

Committed to Excellence in Education Since 2002

Blossom Edugroup is a consortium of educational institutions that prides itself as providers of quality childcare and preschool education in Singapore since 2002.

We achieve this by continuously updating our comprehensive curriculum and developing innovative programmes that are unique to Blossom.

The common curriculum, shared by all our childcare centres, is the outcome of discerning adaptation of research in contemporary educational practices and strategic adoption of technological advancements.

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The Core of Our Mission

Children, provided with a safe, hygienic and nurturing environment that is tailored to their developmental needs, will develop emotional health, acquire social expertise, build moral strength, increase physical prowess and attain cognitive competence.

The Success We Seek

To develop each child to be an independent, creative, compassionate, self-disciplined and life-long learner.

What Fuels Our Mission

In partnership with our parents and educational vendors, our qualified teachers and staff are committed to deliver our specially designed pre-school curriculum by constantly updating our syllabus and upgrading our skills.

Core Values

The Blossom’s core values are the guiding principles that define what we stand for as an organization, and form the foundation on which every member of the team performs work and conducts themselves.

We promise to embrace our core values in all interactions with our stakeholders, judge and be judged through these standards.


We seek to be open and transparent, choosing appropriate and ethical processes in decision making. We take ownership in what we do, treat others the way we want to be treated, and place high priority on building trust.


We aim to educate our children holistically, enabling them to reach and expand their potential. We endeavor to engage them meaningfully and treat them respectfully.


We acknowledge the unique differences that make up each individual in our organisation. We promise to respect ourselves, colleagues, our clients, our children, our community, and our environment.


We believe teamwork is essential to establish a conducive working environment. We undertake to work harmoniously with our fellow colleagues, and support each other so as to achieve our shared goals.


We aim to connect, develop, and strengthen relationships with all members of our stakeholders: our community, educational partners, parents, guardians, children, and colleagues. We shall develop our policies, plans, and actions with our stakeholders as the key premise of consideration.


We are determined to maintain continual improvement in our quality journey. We embrace innovation, set high quality standards and take pride in what we do.

Our Logo

Each of the three flowers embodies a key developmental aspect of Blossom’s children, the core purpose of our existence that is represented by the three orange centres of the flowers.

Our Group Director

Mr Lawrence Lim founded Blossom Edugroup in 2002 which now has under its subsidiaries, 4 childcare centres, a consultancy arm and a technology arm.

Through discerning adaptation of research in contemporary educational practices and strategic adoption of technological advancements, he has successfully injected up-to-date teaching and learning approaches into the centres’ curriculum to ensure children in Blossom benefit from the latest development and research in education.

One of the key innovations is Blossom’s proprietary online e-profiling portal that provides comprehensive feedback on children’s development through the use of rubrics assessments, e-portfolio and comparative benchmarking.

As a MOE Teaching Scholarship holder, Mr Lim obtained his Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore in 1992. After completing his teacher training at the National Institute of Education in 1994, he began his teaching career as a Mathematics and Physics teacher in Fuchun Secondary School. He was appointed the Head of Department in 1995 to lead the team of Mathematics teachers to design and implement a comprehensive Mathematics programme for the school. During this tenure, he also completed the Further Professional Diploma in Education programme, a departmental management and leadership course at the National Institute of Education.

In 2001, he was posted to the Ministry of Education as Head, Sciences of the Sciences Branch under the Curriculum Planning and Development Division. In this position, he managed the development of the syllabuses and teaching materials across primary, secondary and pre-university levels. Under his purview were subjects in Mathematics, Technical Education, Computer Education, Home Economics and Commerce.

While working in the Ministry of Education, Mr Lim continued his association with the National Institute of Education as a part-time postgraduate student and was subsequently conferred the degree of Master of Education in February 2004.

Leveraging on his leadership skills as a branch head and department head, and experience as a curriculum planner and developer, Mr Lim has since established Blossom as the leading institution known for its quality childcare service and comprehensive pre-school curriculum in Singapore.

In 2017, Blossom Edugroup joined Horizon Education Asia Limited (HEAL), an educational platform that encompasses the full education spectrum across four verticals – Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary & Training Institutes, consolidating the group’s Pre-Primary vertical expansion in Singapore. Appointed as the Managing Director of HEAL in 2019, Mr Lim is also entrusted to oversee the 7 outlets of My Little Campus, a sister brand wholly-owned by HEAL.

With close to 30 years in the education industry and 20 years in the early childhood sector, Mr Lim wishes to harness his experience and domain knowledge with his personal interest in cutting-edge technology vis-a-vis Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, envisioning a whole new industry standard and offering thought leadership in educational technology adoption, within and beyond the early childhood industry.

Our People

Our team of committed teaching staff comprises qualified pre-school educators with recognised certifications by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). Individual training roadmap is charted to ensure every teacher possesses the knowledge and aptitude to deliver our specially designed curriculum. Through regular in-house workshops and courses conducted by external training institutions, our teachers are kept abreast of the latest developments in preschool education.

Similarly, our non-teaching colleagues are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills through courses and training. In-house guidance and monitoring helps to ensure the highest standard of safety and hygiene is maintained.

Our Corporate Partners

Blossom Edugroup is part of Horizon Education Asia Limited (HEAL) group. The group is created as an educational platform that encompasses the full education spectrum across four verticals – Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary & Training Institutes.

Presence in Singapore

More About Us

Our Growth
  • 2019

    Appointed Manager of My Little Campus Group [Mar 2019]

  • 2017

    Joined Horizon Education Asia Limited [Jun 2017]

  • 2014

    Opening of Loyang Branch (capacity 60) [Jan 2014]

  • 2005

    Opening of Serangoon Branch (capacity 44) [Aug 2005]

  • 2011

    Relocation of Serangoon Branch (capacity 52) [Jul 2011]

  • 2012

    Expansion of Hougang Branch (capacity 61) [Oct 2012]

  • 2003

    Opening of Hougang Branch (capacity 57) [Aug 2003]

  • 2003

    Expansion of Bedok Branch (capacity 87) [Apr 2003]

  • 2002

    Opening of Bedok Branch (capacity 39) [Sep 2002]

Capacity Enhancements
  • Adopted BridgED App [Dec 2022]
  • Upgraded Client Relations Manager[May 2020]
  • Adopted Remind App [May 2020]
  • Exported Chinese Performing Arts Enrichment Programme [Jan 2020]
  • Revamped Computer Literacy Course[Jan 2020]
  • Launched Kiosk App [Jul 2019]
  • Launched Educational Apps Blossom Funville in Apple Store and Google Play [Dec 2014]
  • Implemented Revised Character Education Programme [Jan 2013]
  • Formulated Curriculum Framework [Sep 2012]
  • Implemented Parental Partnership Programme [Jan 2010]
  • Incorporated Learning Styles in Lesson Design [Jan 2009]
  • Implemented Triple Track Syllabus [Jan 2008]
  • Launched e-Profiling Portal [Mar 2007]
  • Implemented e-Curriculum Management [Jan 2007]
  • Adoption of 乐中学 [Jan 2007]
  • Implemented Objective-Driven Syllabus [Jan 2006]
  • Adoption of Rubric Assessment [Mar 2005]
  • Adoption of Fitzroy Readers [Jan 2005]
  • Adoption of Letterland [Jan 2003]

Showcasing the Fruits of Our Educational Efforts

Awarded Early Childhood Innovation (Merit) Award at the ECDA Conference 2017 by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) [Oct 2017]
Awarded ECDA Innovation Grant 2016 – Current Affairs for Preschoolers by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) [Jan 2016]
Awarded ECDA Innovation Grant 2015 – Embracing Outdoor Classroom by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) [Feb 2015]
Awarded Enhancing Branding and Customer Loyalty through Mobility Technology and System Enhancement Project Grant under the Capability Development Scheme (Technology Innovation) by SPRING Singapore now known as Enterprise Singapore [Mar 2013]
Awarded the Promising SME 500 2013 Brand Campaign by the Small Medium Business Association (SMBA) [Jan 2013]
Awarded Overseas (China) Franchise Development Grant under the Internationalisation Capability Development Programme by International Enterprise Singapore now known as Enterprise Singapore [Feb 2011]


Granted Patent for e-Profiling Portal by Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) [Apr 2010]
Awarded Franchise Development Grant under the Capability Development Scheme (Enterprise) by SPRING Singapore now known as Enterprise Singapore [Oct 2009]
Awarded Innovation Grant for Online Lesson Record by Ministry of Community Development Youth and Sports (MCYS) now known as Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) [Jan 2009]
Awarded Innovation Grant for Email Communication by Ministry of Community Development Youth and Sports (MCYS) now known as Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) [Dec 2008]
Awarded Funding under the Parent Education in Pre-schools (PEPS) Programme by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) [since 2005]
Family Life Ambassador as recognised by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) [since 2005]
Achieved Healthy Eating Award by Health Promotion Board (HPB) under the Healthy Eating in Childcare Centre Programme [since 2004]

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