Loyang Branch

Blossom Fantasia Centre, our Loyang branch focuses on providing quality childcare and preschool education for children in the Loyang, Pasir Ris East, Tampines East and Upper Changi North vicinity. Children enrolled in our playgroup, nursery and kindergarten programme are immersed in an authentic English and Chinese bilingual environment, conducive for character building and acquiring competencies to be life-long learners.

Address: 26 Mariam Close Singapore 508668
Telephone: +65 6542 3898

Pasir Ris (EW1) – 3.5 km


Aft Jln Mariam (97109): 29
Bef Jln Mariam (97101): 29
Aft Toh Cl (97119): 5, 29
Opp Changi Women’s Prison (97051): 2, 5
Changi Women’s Prison (97059): 2, 5


If you are travelling along Loyang Avenue from Changi towards Tampines, turn left into Old Tampines Road, turn right into Mariam Way when you see Mariam Way Playground, then turn left in Mariam Close. We are located about 50m on the left.

If you are coming from Tampines via TPE, turn out at Exit 2, turn right into Loyang Avenue, keep right and turn right into Old Tampines Road. Follow the direction above to Mariam Close.

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“Yi Xin was quite a character when she first joined, with all her crying and screaming. We’d like to thank all teachers and aunties who have helped in anyway or another, and especially for their patience with Yi Xin.”

Parent of Yi Xin

“You know you have hit a winner when your 2-year-old child runs into school on their first day and doesn’t look back. Even more so when she screams for 30 minutes on returning home, demanding to be taken back to school because she loves it so much.”

Parent of Akira

“My daughter enrolled in Blossom Glittering Campus when she was 18 months old. At first, I was worried about letting my daughter attend a local preschool in a foreign country and therefore I visited many preschools before making a decision.”

Parent of Haruka