Getting all Emails from Blossom

Do you know that you may not be getting important emails from Blossom delivered into your inbox?

Some email service providers have restrictions on how they deliver emails to you.  These restrictions could block certain images, or even stop our emails from reaching you altogether.

However, getting around these restrictions is easy.  Just add Blossom’s email addresses to your address book/safelist and you won’t be missing any content customised for you.

Here are the email addresses to add:


To receive emails from our headquarter, Blossom Edugroup on general and curriculum matters, please add:


To receive emails from the centre your child is enrolled in, please add the corresponding email address below:

Blossom Creative Centre (Bedok branch):

Blossom Discovery Centre (Serangoon branch):

Blossom Educare Centre (Hougang branch):

Blossom Fantasia Centre (Loyang branch):

Blossom Genesis Centre (Bishan branch):