Blossom Edu Group
Blossom Edu Group

Our Nursery Programme


Age: 3 to 4 years old

Focus: The nursery programme serves as a bridging course to prepare our children for the more rigorous kindergarten programme.  The development of moral values, social skills, self-discipline and creativity, become the central emphasis at this stage. Greater opportunities are provided for children to develop basic language and numeracy skills.

Uniqueness: On top of inculcating moral values through daily interactions, the teaching of moral values is formally introduced.  Learning activities are gradually intensified to prepare eager young minds to acquire both concrete and conceptual understanding of the world around them.

Example: Specially selected stories with strong moral values are regularly shared during lessons to reinforce good values and behaviours. More time are devoted to the learning of numeracy concepts and skills. Enrichment programmes such as English Creative Writing, Chinese Performing Arts are integrated into the curriculum to enhance children’s learning experiences from Nursery 2 onwards.