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Blossom's Nursery Programme is designed to help children aged 3 to 4 years develop basic language and numeracy skills

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Language & Literacy

Our Language & Literacy module encompasses the learning of both English and Chinese languages. Language involves speaking and listening within a system that has its own conventions while literacy involves reading and writing to convey and understand printed information. We utilise dialogic reading, modelling, functional roleplay, and shared writing activities to help your child learn communication skills effectively.

We will help your child

  • Communicate with confidence

  • Understand and follow verbal instructions

  • Acquire phonetic awareness

  • Associate pictures with Chinese characters

  • Recognise and write names


Numeracy & Mathematics

Becoming numerate is a core focus of our Nursery curriculum. Through the use of learning manipulatives and pictorial aids, our Nursery programme provides a numeracy-rich environment for young learners to learn how to apply numeracy concepts meaningfully in their daily experiences. To stimulate successful self-exploration, we carefully design problem solving activities for children to explore numerical concepts.

We will help your child:

  • Establish correct counting sequence

  • Utilise numeracy skills in daily experiences

  • Recognise simple patterns

  • Recognise basic shapes and simple spatial concepts

  • Compare size, length, height, and weight


Social & Emotional Development

The development of social and emotional skills is a reiterative process acquired through a child’s everyday experiences. In our Nursery Programme, we use responsive teaching strategies to regulate and manage a child’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviour. These skills are developed through emotional intelligence activities such as positive behaviour modelling, dramatisation & role play, constructive dialogues, and small group activities, nurturing your child into confident and socially responsible individuals.

We will help your child:

  • Develop an awareness of personal identity

  • Manage and express emotions in appropriate ways

  • Interact and build positive relationships with others

  • Develop ways to manage anger / self-regulate

  • Show respect for diversity

  • Take responsibility and reflect on decisions



Our Nursery Preschool Programme serves as a bridging course to prepare our children for the more rigorous kindergarten programme. The development of moral values, social skills, self-discipline, and creativity become the central emphasis at this learning stage. Greater opportunities are provided for children to develop basic language and numeracy skills.


On top of inculcating moral values through daily interactions, the teaching of moral values is formally introduced. Learning activities are gradually intensified to prepare eager young minds to acquire both concrete and conceptual understanding of the world around them.


Specially selected stories with strong moral values are regularly shared during lessons to reinforce good values and behaviours. More time is devoted to the learning of numeracy concepts and skills. Enrichment programmes such as Language Appreciation Course and Chinese Performing Arts are integrated into the curriculum to enhance children’s learning experiences from Nursery 2 onwards.


Our fees for Nursery programmes at Blossom Edugroup Centres are as follows:

Nursery Programme (Plus Brand)

The service fees below apply to the following branches:

Programme Monthly Fee Basic Subsidy (1) Actual Payment (2)
Full Day $1,420.00 $300.00 $1,120.00
Half Day $1,140.00 $150.00 $990.00
Flexi 1 (3) $870.00 $110.00 $760.00
Flexi 3 (3) $1,310.00 $220.00 $1,090.00

Nursery Programme (Popular Brand)

The service fees below apply to the following centres:

Programme Monthly Fee Basic Subsidy (1) Actual Payment (2)
Full Day $1,320.00 $300.00 $1,020.00
Half Day $1,060.00 $150.00 $910.00
Flexi 1 (3) $810.00 $110.00 $700.00
Flexi 3 (3) $1,220.00 $220.00 $1,000.00
(1) Basic subsidy, administered by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), is applicable for Singaporean child whose mother is working. Additional subsidy applies for eligible families. Click HERE for more details.
(2) Payment can be made using the Children Development Co-Savings (Baby Bonus) Scheme.
(3) Flexi 1 programme and Flexi 3 programme are offered in selected preschools only. Click HERE for programme timing.


We couldn’t be happier with Blossom and the education and care they give. All the staff are very professional and kind and caring to the children and to the parents. We would recommend Blossom to anyone considering putting their child into Nursery Care.

Barbara & Nigel Crane
Parents of Ayrton Crane (2014 N2)

My daughters attend this school and have loved it so far. They come home happy and are excited to go back to school the following day. I also think that the teachers are lovely and really get to know your child. They provide excellent feedback on how the kids are doing at school. I have also found that my daughters have become a lot friendlier and outgoing since starting at this school, and they have learned good values such as sharing, cleaning up after they have played with a toy and self-feeding. I couldn't be happier!

Faiza Gabriel
Mother of 2 daughters

I am happy with all the nurturing my child is provided. She is in N1 and that's what is largely needed at that age. Each teacher is an absolute angel.

Bharti Khatwani Aggarwala
Mother of N1 daughter

Grateful to have found this school!! Since 2018, I have sent my first born to this school; Management, teachers and staff are kind, dutiful, extremely responsive, engages 2 ways communication pro-actively with parents and amazing when coaching my children with life skills; toilet training, dental hygiene etc.

When we moved house in 2019, due to the distance we changed to a school closer to our new place and boy, did we regret! Within 1 month, despite the distance, we’ve sent my first born and now even my second born to Blossom creative centre @ Bedok! 4 years now… Both my kids are enjoying their time at blossom!

I highly recommend this school who takes parents’ feedback seriously and plays an active role to engage parents. As such, I feel assured and can focus at work knowing that my kids are in good hands. Thank you, Management, and staff of Blossom!

Candy Chua
Mother of 2 children



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