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Blossom's Playgroup Programme is designed to help toddlers aged 18 months to 2 years develop fundamental communication and cognitive skills through exploratory learning.

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Playgroup foundational language numeracy

Foundational Language & Numeracy

Our playgroup programme introduces the rudiments of language and numeracy to our young learners. Through engaging rhymes, storybooks and Letterland characters, we help toddlers develop phonological awareness, enhance their vocabulary and acquire language skills. Through numeracy activities involving concrete materials, our toddlers will learn how to recognise numbers and shapes and develop matching, sorting and classification skills.

We will help your child

  • Acquire communication skills

  • Develop phonetic awareness

  • Recognise numbers and basic shapes

Playgroup physical play

Physical Play

Physical play activities help to build children’s foundational movement skills, enabling them to become increasingly skilful in controlling and extending bodily movements and activities. Our playgroup programme encourages toddlers to explore and develop basic movement skills such as walking, climbing and jumping.  Their flexibility and balance are enhanced through activities involving stretching, bending, balancing, pulling, pushing and kicking.

We will help your child

  • Develop gross and fine motor skills

  • Enhance foundational movement skills

  • Improve coordination, balance & flexibility

Playgroup independence development

Independence Development

Promoting independence is a key focus of our playgroup programme. The programme aims to foster self-awareness and self-esteem in children. Through teaching self-help skills and engaging children in play and exploratory activities, we enable them to develop autonomy, confidence and a positive sense of self.

We will help your child

  • Develop self-esteem and confidence

  • Internalise personal care routines



Our Playgroup programme provides the social setting for interaction and places special emphasis on the development of emotional health, independence and physical prowess. It offers our children fundamental knowledge in language and numeracy.


Favourable Staff-Children ratio of 1:6 ensures that our toddlers are given extra care and attention in class. The learning of various developmental concepts is made fun through art & craft and music & movements activities.


Through an array of carefully designed individual and group learning experiences, our toddlers develop social skills, emotional health and physical prowess. The engaging Kindermusik ABC Music & Me enrichment programme with musical stimulation, vocal play and expressive movement activities, presents a unique experience in their joyful learning journey to become independent toddlers.


Our fees for Playgroup programmes at Blossom Edugroup Centres are as follows:

Playgroup Programme (Plus Brand)

The service fees below apply to the following branches:

Programme Monthly Fee Basic Subsidy (1) Actual Payment (2)
Full Day $1,420.00 $300.00 $1,120.00
Half Day $1,140.00 $150.00 $990.00
Flexi 1 (3) $870.00 $110.00 $760.00
Flexi 3 (3) $1,310.00 $220.00 $1,090.00

Playgroup Programme (Popular Brand)

The service fees below apply to the following centres:

Programme Monthly Fee Basic Subsidy (1) Actual Payment (2)
Full Day $1,320.00 $300.00 $1,020.00
Half Day $1,060.00 $150.00 $910.00
Flexi 1 (3) $810.00 $110.00 $700.00
Flexi 3 (3) $1,220.00 $220.00 $1,000.00
(1) Basic subsidy, administered by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), is applicable for Singaporean child whose mother is working. Additional subsidy applies for eligible families. Click HERE for more details.
(2) Payment can be made using the Children Development Co-Savings (Baby Bonus) Scheme.
(3) Flexi 1 programme and Flexi 3 programme are offered in selected preschools only. Click HERE for programme timing.


My daughter joined Blossom when she was 17 months old (PG). She is now in K1, and we are very happy with the overall experience with the school over the past few years with the way they teach and the way they take care of the kids. Highly recommended!

Hemanth Reddy Mabbu
Mother of 5 year old daughter

I am extremely glad to find BAC after changing numerous centres initially. BAC is wholesome and practical, which provides a good balance for the kids and parents as well. With adequate communication and teachers who loves the kids, I never had to worry much. Thank you, teachers of BAC!

Joyce Lee
Mother of Caden Lee (K2) and Caius Lee (PG)

You know you have hit a winner when your 2-year-old child runs into school on their first day and doesn’t look back. Even more so when she screams for 30 minutes on returning home, demanding to be taken back to school because she loves it so much. This is exactly what happened when I took Akira to Blossom Creative. My daughter loves Blossom so much she has insisted we let her stay for lunch and often wants to extend the day!

All we ever wanted for her is to enjoy and have fun, but we have come out with so much more. The teachers at Blossom are passionate and kind, the effort they put into both the children and the communication with parents is exceptional. Fun school trips, great community building events like the Lantern Festival party and interactive parent workshops mean you get to know both the kids and parents.

In addition, Akira has grown in ways we could never have expected. The school’s music program is something we love, Akira never stops singing and making music, but her every increasing vocabulary, communication skills and confidence is something we are forever surprised by. There are many ways a child can develop but I firmly believe that Blossom is a big contributing factor in both her happiness and growth (academic and personal) – this has exceeded our expectations on so many levels. Thank you, Blossom Team!

Arlene Lyla
Mother of Alegre-Wood Akira Alectrona (PG)

My daughter enrolled in Blossom Glittering Campus when she was 18 months old. At first, I was worried about letting my daughter attend a local preschool in a foreign country and therefore I visited many preschools before making a decision. Now, I am really satisfied with making this choice.

I wanted my daughter to experience Singapore’s unique multiracial tradition and make friends with other children of different cultural backgrounds. This campus has a homelike atmosphere. The teachers really love children and take great care of them.

The ‘Moral Education’ theme of each term is shared with the family to encourage home-school partnership and I really feel that it plays an important role in children’s development. Through my child’s school life, I got to know other parents from various countries and I truly enjoyed the various school events that the campus organised for the family too.

Kayo Yoshida
Mother of Haruka Yoshida (N2)



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