We sent our two children to Blossom Glittering Campus (BGC), our daughter from the launch of BGC in January 2015 to her graduation in December 2017, and our son, who is younger, from July 2017 to December 2017.

Initially, we were concerned that the learning experience at BGC may not suit our children as they are Japanese. However, they truly enjoyed their time at BCG despite our concerns. Our daughter, for example, read English books by herself at the age of six (the age she graduated from BGC).

We believe that such significant development in our children is attributable to the quality and professionalism of BGC’s teachers, and its well-organized curriculum, which has enabled our children to learn quickly, while enjoying learning.

BCG also has a small number of children, and all of the students were very close to each other regardless of age. We were really impressed to see older children taking care of their juniors voluntarily. The teachers were also very attentive towards the children and provided us with very valuable guidance at teacher parent meetings.

We are very thankful and appreciative for the service provided by BGC.





少人数なので園児同士も学年を超えて仲が良く、自発的に年上の子が年下の子をケアしている様子には感心しました。先生方の目も非常に行き届いており、teacher parent meeting では毎回とても的確なアドバイスをいただきました。


Aiko Inoue
Mother of Amane Inoue (K2) and Arata Inoue (PG)