My daughter enrolled in Blossom Glittering Campus when she was 18 months old. At first, I was worried about letting my daughter attend a local preschool in a foreign country and therefore I visited many preschools before making a decision. Now, I am really satisfied with making this choice.

I wanted my daughter to experience Singapore’s unique multiracial tradition and make friends with other children of different cultural backgrounds.

This campus has a homelike atmosphere. The teachers really love children and take great care of them.

The ‘Moral Education’ theme of each term is shared with the family to encourage home-school partnership and I really feel that it plays an important role in children’s development.

In addition, this campus is truly international as the children come not only from Singapore but also all over the world. It’s a multi-racial and multi-cultural environment and I believe that it helps children to understand diversity.

The campus organised Parents-Teachers meeting twice a year and I was able to hear more about my child’s school life at the meeting.

I am thankful to the principal and other teachers who listen to me in spite of my limited language skills.

Through my child’s school life, I got to know other parents from various countries and I truly enjoyed the various school events that the campus organised for the family too.




タームごとに’Character Education’のテーマがあり、それが子供の成長過程において、重要な役割を担っていると感じます。





Kayo Yoshida
Mother of Haruka Yoshida (N2)