Yi Xin was quite a character when she first joined, with all her crying and screaming. We’d like to thank all teachers and aunties who have helped in anyway or another, and especially for their patience with Yi Xin.

Yi Xin’s favourite teacher is Chen Laoshi. Chen Laoshi is the one making things easy for Yi Xin to settle in, following the change from Teacher Jasmine to Teacher Pearlyn. It is easier for the centre to have someone play the 白脸 (in this case Chen Laoshi), and someone else be the 黑脸 (Teacher Pearlyn) to enforce disciple. This makes it easier for us to cajole her to go to school, even though there was a period that she really doesn’t want to.

The period when she doesn’t want to go to school was when she was “tired of doing all the worksheets”. The worksheets were given by Teacher Pearlyn, and I suspect the root cause could be that Yi Xin was insecure that her peers know more than her. This incident made us realise that Yi Xin is not that resilient and gives up easily. So we start work on getting her confidence back by telling her it’s ok that she doesn’t know, and that’s why she is going to school, to learn. Not sure what magic happened at school on Teacher Pearlyn’s part, but slowly Yi Xin started accepting the worksheets. We’ll like to thank Teacher Pearlyn for strongly believing in what she does is right for the children, and keeping a firm stand when it comes to disciplining Yi Xin. This is especially so, as Yi Xin is not easy to handle when she is in one of her moods.

In November 2019, Yi Xin had some separation / anxiety issues during her P1 school orientation. During our parents teacher meeting with Teacher Pearlyn, she highlighted that she has been prepping the children for P1, and suggested to us that we should do the same at home. We greatly appreciate this advice, as we are able to prepare her at home also in December. Yi Xin went to school without any hitches on the first day of primary school.

Shi Laoshi shared with us that she noticed that Yi Xin has a tendency not to stand up for herself when she’s pushed around by her peers. She also suggested that we can ask Guan Hong to set an example for Yi Xin to follow, since she notices that Yi Xin idolises her brother. We never notice this part of her character before, and we thank Shi Laoshi for highlighting, so that we are able to guide her appropriately.

With the Covid-19 outbreak, Yi Xin remembers that Teacher Aby asked the children to wash their hands while singing Happy Birthday.

Over the years, the values exhibited by BCC that we cherish are those on character building, while also preparing the children academically for P1.

We are happy to inform you that both Yi Xin and Guan Hong have no problem following the syllabus at P1, with Higher Chinese. This is without any attending any enrichment classes outside Blossom.

Once again, big thanks to the entire team at BCC.

Pey Yong & Siying
Parents of Teo Yi Xin (K2 2019)