Forwarding Emails from Blossom

If you would like incoming emails from Blossom to be automatically forwarded to another email account e.g. your spouse’s, here are some ideas how you can get this done…

Some email service providers allow you to forward selected incoming emails to other email accounts automatically.  For example:

  • In Gmail you can do so by using it’s “Filters” feature (see Gmail’s help HERE)
    • Set filter condition From as “”
    • Create filter to Forward to your spouse’s email account.
    • Yeah!… All incoming emails from Blossom to your inbox will now be automatically forwarded to your spouse’s email account.
  • In Outlook, you can achieve the same effect by using its “Rules” feature (see Outlook’s help HERE).
    • Create a new Rule as follows:where “bxc” is the acronym of your child’s centre name (click HERE for the email addresses to add).

However, not all email clients have such feature for auto-forwarding of selected incoming emails e.g. Yahoo.  Don’t fret, below is how to get around this limitation!

  1. Sign up for a new email account with e.g.
  2. Make sure our centre’s email addresses are in the contact list (click HERE to find out why);
  3. Use the Rules feature (see Outlook’s help HERE) to forward all incoming emails to
    • your email account and
    • your spouse’s email account;
  4. Inform the centre to replace our existing CRM email record to this new email account.
  5. Yeah! … Both you and your spouse will now receive emails from Blossom.