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    Dear Parents,

    Did you know that a holistic, all-rounded education is essential if you want your child to achieve learning success? It can make a huge difference to your child’s educational journey, both in his or her learning progress and general enjoyment in school.

    Apart from language literacy and numeracy, a holistic education would comprise of various enrichment activities such as dance, art or painting. These will help to pique your child’s curiosity and motivate him or her to learn naturally and creatively.

    As parents, you would always want the best for your child. However, with so many pre-schools out there, how do you choose the right pre-school that can help to nurture your child’s holistic development and maximize his or her learning potential?


    Discover Why We're Parents' Trusted Education Partner for Their Child's Holistic Development

    At Blossom EduGroup, we understand the important role and challenges that parents have in every child’s learning journey.

    As a child-centred preschool, we are dedicated to nurturing your child through a holistic teaching approach, which is Blossom’s unique winning formula in bringing out the best in every child.

    Our Awards & Accolades
    • Awarded Early Childhood Innovation (Merit) Award at the ECDA Conference 2017 by Early Childhood Development Agency
    • Awarded ECDA Innovation Grant 2015 – Embracing Outdoor Classroom by Early Childhood Development Agency
    • Accredited as a Healthy Pre-School by Health Promotion Board
    Our Holistic Teaching Approach

    In addition to core subjects to develop your child’s language literacy and numeracy skills, learning experiences through art, music and physical activities, the acquisition of general knowledge and life skills and our focus on enrichment activities beyond the classroom, helps to enhance your child’s emotional, social, moral, physical and cognitive growth.

    Quality Enrichment Classes Tailored For Your Child's Holistic Development

    With the rising costs of enrichment classes, it can be challenging to give your child a holistic education without burning a hole in your pocket.

    So how can you stretch your dollar, while providing your child with quality preschool education at an affordable price?

    At Blossom, our inclusive half-day and full-day programmes provide you the best of both worlds. We help you save on costly enrichment classes and free up your time on ferrying your child to and fro from additional enrichment classes.

    This provides you with more opportunities to spend quality time with your child during the weekends.

    Why Blossom Preschool Is The Right Choice For Your Child?

    Our Unique Curriculum – Triple Track Syllabus

    As we believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all teaching approach for children at such a young age, our unique curriculum features Basic, Standard and Advanced levels to cater to the different learning pace of each child.

    This opens up precious opportunities to optimize your child’s development from as young as 18 months, which can make an immense difference in their learning journey.

    We do so by identifying your child’s stage of development and providing the appropriate scaffold to help him or her progress at their own pace.

    Enrichment Classes At No Extra Cost

    From music (rhythmic exploration) to computer literacy course and language appreciation course (children’s literature, creative writing, poetry) to Chinese performing arts, your child will be given boundless opportunities to explore his or her creativity in various enrichment classes – at no extra costs!

    With our enrichment classes weaved into our half-day and full-day programmes, it helps minimise the ferrying for extra enrichment classes outside school hours. This way, you can save more time, money, energy and focus on enjoying the company of your preschooler.

    Patented eProfiling Progress Report

    Our patented eProfiling portal offers you the most comprehensive report of your child’s progress:

    • Portfolio – Provides a collection of your child’s development, capturing snapshots of their progress (photos and videos).
    • Rubric Assessment – Provides an in-depth description of your child’s ability in all their domains of development.
    • Comparative Benchmark – allows parents to understand the milestone development stages of children belonging to the same age group, thereby presenting useful insights that can be translated into your child’s areas of strengths and opportunities for further growth.
    Tailored to Your Child’s Unique Learning Style

    To optimise your child’s learning, our teachers are trained to adopt various teaching methods that are embedded in our curriculum.

    Whether your child is more inclined towards visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learning style, we will use the relevant teaching tools to help your child grasp new concepts in an engaging way that he or she will enjoy and learn best.

    How Does Blossom's Curriculum Benefit Your Child?

    As your child’s learning needs vary at different stages, we deliver a comprehensive curriculum that scaffolds the core domains of learning through our specially designed programmes.

    Our class sizes are designed to be 20% to 28% smaller than most other centres, which means your child gets more attention from the teacher during each learning activity. Your child’s teacher will also be better equipped to provide an accurate evaluation of your child’s progress, given the ample time and attention with him or her.

    For Ages 18 months to 2 years old

    Staff-Children Ratio – 1: 6

    Our playgroup programme is predominated by purposeful play, where your child is introduced to various stimulus activities such as singing, play-along, storytime and focused listening.

    Letterland characters are introduced to lay the foundation for the learning of phonics. Through the Kindermusik ABC Music & Me programme, our playgroup children enjoy music & movement activities while they develop pre-literacy and language skills.

    For Ages 3 – 4

    Staff-Children Ratio – 1:9 (N1), 1:12 (N2)

    Combining purposeful play with experiential learning, your child will be exposed to more hands-on activities that involve using sensory learning for more in-depth learning.

    Your child will have more opportunities to develop his or her literacy and numeracy skills, creativity, as well as social and moral values.

    For Ages 5 – 6

    Staff-Children Ratio – 1:15 (K1), 1:18 (K2)

    At this stage, we help your child get ready for primary school education by introducing structured learning so he or she will be equipped with the good foundational skills such as sentence building, writing techniques and basic computer literacy skills.

    See What Parents Have To Say About Us!

    “Grateful for the balanced growth of my daughter in a nurturing environment at Blossom Discovery Centre, especially by the experienced motherly teachers from 17 months to 6 years old!

    I couldn’t ask for more than such an enjoyable preschool experience that my child had. She is now a happy, respectful 7 year-old girl with a good start in Primary School because of the preschool emphasis on moral values and emotional growth at Blossom.”

    Olivia Siow, Mother

    “One year ago, it was Kai Xiang’s first day at Blossom Discovery Centre. I was very impressed with how Kai Xiang learnt how to say “Thank you” and bowed just one week after going to the Centre. A few months later, he came home singing our National Anthem.

    The teachers at the Centre are very caring and attentive. They know all the students’ names even if they are not in their class. A special ‘Thank you’ to Teacher Evelyn, Teacher Yvonne, Teacher Tina, Mrs Khoo and Eunice! You make school fun for Kai Xiang!”

    Ariel Ko, Mother

    “My daughters attend Blossom Fantasia Centre and have loved it so far. They come home happy and are excited to go back to school the following day. I also think that the teachers are lovely and really make an effort to get to know your child.

    They provide excellent feedback on how the kids are doing at school. I have also found that my daughters have become a lot friendlier and outgoing since they started at this pre-school. They have learnt good values such as sharing, cleaning up after playing with their toys and self-feeding. I couldn’t be happier!”

    Faiza Imran, Mother

    “Dear Blossoms Fantasia teachers, thank you a bunch. Shivank has started his new school (OAC) in Sydney. On his very first day, he was appreciated for his good behaviour and well-mannered etiquettes. I owe a share of it to the school for giving him good basics. Thanks again!”

    Swetha Mohan, Mother

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    Physical Tours
    • Weekdays: 10 am / 11 am / 4 pm

    Limited vacancies for 2024

    • Meet and speak to our curriculum specialist to find out more about our unique curriculum – triple track syllabus
    • Understand how we can develop your child beyond language literacy and numeracy, through our half-day and full-day programmes, that are inclusive of quality enrichment classes at no extra cost
    • Tour our purposeful learning spaces and view our children’s artefacts

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